Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tiny Tim is Afraid to Call Cheney On a Lie

Thanks to The Daily Howler, 10/7/04 for details and the quote below. “I never met you until tonight” Cheney said. Russert knew that Cheney was lying when he said this to John Edwards during the Vice Presidential debate. But in his comments after the debate, Russert would cite this statement all night, never revealing that it was false. Indeed, when he went over to comment on Hardball, Russert got in the half-drunken spirit that prevailed on that air. He offered an heroic account of what Cheney meant by this statement, never revealing, that night, that he knew that Cheney’s slam had misstated the facts.

So, we have merely the first mention in this blog of the activity of Tiny Tim Russert: the media GIANT who failed his journalistic responsibility to be straight with the facts with the American people.

Tiny Tim Russert

Tim Russert of NBC news wrote a bestselling book about his dad called "Big Russ and Me." His dad was a BIG man because he took his responsibilities seriously. This blog has the simple purpose of documenting the exploits of Big Russ' son, Tiny Tim.